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It’s Time for the Rubber to Hit the Road

We are busy racing to make ‘Running on Empty 2 Racetopia’ the film and the theme park a reality.

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Running on Empty 2 Racetopia

36 years ago, a street race grabbed the world’s attention. It was ‘Running on Empty’.

5 years ago… REBEL and MIKE (the winner in Running on Empty) and his son JAC, began an annual illegal street-racing event to commemorate that race. That original race 36 years ago took FOX’s life, now on the anniversary of that race, an illegal street-racing event is held in an old abandoned mining town.

Not wanting the attention of the police, media or the mainstream population, JAC and his friends, each from different parts of the country, travel the long distances to converge on this old abandoned mining town complete with its long drag-racing like ‘straight’ main street as well as other tarmac side roads and gravel tracks.

For only a few days they want to race their cars and live the way they wish to, away from the constraints of society and the ever-watchful police. What began as a way to commemorate that race has quickly grown into the largest illegal street-race festival in the world, where now street racers from around the world converge to join in the high-powered event.

Without police or public roads to worry about, these street racers can test themselves against the best there is, betting for cash or cars until the final race of the event, the ‘FOX memorial race’, this is where the last car standing races against REBEL’S awesome ’blown 57 Chevy.

In this abandoned mining town, a mini-city of makeshift tents, caravans, motorhomes and derelict buildings steadied and repaired over the years is home to what these kids believe, is their Utopia. Over four days they live their petrol-fuelled dreams, only this year’s event is about to prove that blood is indeed thicker than water.

Arriving out of the blistering sunset in a cloud of dust, no one has ever seen or heard of this racer before, yet they can drive better than any of them, but whoever it is is hiding something very dark, a mystery.

This is the race for Life & Death.